Benefits of Association Membership

+ By being a member of our private association
   you no longer need to have a prescription
   because the relationship is private, not public.
+ No sales taxes on accessory purchases as
   long as you are a member.
+ Your membership allows us the freedom to
   share proprietary health information
   amongst members, as well to expose areas
   of traditional medicine that we view as
   dangerous to health.
+ Insight into the health professionals who
   use O2E2R™
+ How to learn more about what to expect
   from Oxygen Enhanced Exercise and Rest.
+ Resources to create your own Private
   Membership Association
+ Specifically for health practitioners
    - The Real Dangers Involved With



+ Bonus information and equipment accessories
   valued at $224.00 including a 26-page
   confidential proprietary INFO PACK revealing:

        - O2E2® Oxygen generator FAQs
        - Details about Splitter/Joiners and Cannulas
        - Addiction to Oxygen?
        - Testimonials
        - Techniques to augment exercise equipment
          or for those unable to exercise
        - Optimal Energy Breathing
        - Home exercise equipment
          sources at cost saving prices
        - Tips for conserving energy
        - Tips for snoring and sleep
        - Breathing Awareness
        - Oxygen Killers
        - Recommended Oxygen Related 
          Reading List
        - Potential Health Benefits of Oxygen

Become a member now to receive additional proprietary oxygen-related PDFs, access to web site articles and automatic continuing education emails!







Oxygen Benefits
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