Frequently Asked Questions Library - Preview 

 - The detailed answers to these questions are proprietary and are available for members only.

+ How does it make the oxygen?

+ How do I know it is working?   

+ Can I cut my 50-foot hose to make it shorter? 

+ What if the odor of the plastic hoses bothers me?

+ Can I use a glass water bottle?

+ Is there a filter? 

+ Can I use the unit while sleeping?

+ Can I get a mask?

+ How much do I exercise?  

+ Can I buy extra nose cannulas? 

+ Can I use the machine with my CPAP/BIPAP?   

+ Is there anything I have to clean?  

+ Can 2 people use it at the same time?   

+ What exercise equipment should I use? 

+ What do I do if I get dry nostrils?  

+ What about higher altitudes?  

+ What about free radicals and antioxidants?  









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