EWOT  -noun : Exercise with oxygen training/therapy

"The therapy is called EWOT (exercise with oxygen therapy)
or multi-step therapy. You've read about it in the past,
but that's just the beginning of what will be one of the biggest breakthroughs ever in anti-aging medicine in decades, and yet it's still virtually ignored by the medical establishment."

-Dr. Robert Rowen

 "Breathing and related exercises are 100 times more effective to medical therapy than any drug. This knowledge is indispensable to man and every physician should study it thoroughly."

-Shen Chia-shu, A Ching Dynasty adept and physician.

 EWOT and Oxygen Enhanced Exercise Explained

There is a direct relationship between oxygen and vitality. Transferring oxygen from the lungs to the cells is the most significant factor in whether you live a healthy life or not. This transfer mechanism becomes weakened with age and the odds towards illness increase. EWOT and BREWOT greatly aid the body in getting oxygen to the tissues. BREWOT description in INFO PACK 

Oxygen comprises 21% of the atmosphere. Dr. Robert Rowen of Second Opinion explains that in your 30s, the amount of oxygen released to the cells is significantly higher than in your 70s. When you age, the oxygen arterial pressure falls. Thus, while the volume of oxygen may stay the same and it may appear you are getting enough, you may be oxygen deficient because there isn't enough pressure to make use of the volume of oxygen. One aspect of the breakthrough of EWOT is that it raises the arterial pressure to more youthful levels. 

Another is what Dr. William Campbell Douglas calls the Law Of Mass Action. Law of Mass Action says that plasma will absorb extra oxygen that hemoglobin cannot absorb and much of that extra oxygen will get eventually be absorbed into the body's tissue. Both aspects of EWOT involve breathing higher levels of oxygen while exercising. Exercise increases the circulation, creating a greater pressure to drive oxygen into the capillaries. The increase in arterial pressure as well as the quantity of oxygen via mass action enhances the repair potential of the transfer mechanism and the absorption of extra oxygen into the cells. EWOT is effective for almost every conceivable condition because it improves the delivery of the most essential substance in tissue life and repair.

EWOT is effective for every conceivable condition because it improves the delivery of the most essential substance in tissue life and repair.  

O2E2 is what we call our units O2E2 ties into Oxygen Enhanced Energy; Oxygen Enhanced Exercise and Rest, Oxygen Enhancing Equipment.

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